Rebecca Boetzel

Fun Facts
  1. Zodiac Sign: Leo
  2. Favorite Color: Greens & Blues
  3. First Car: An old Mazda, I was ill prepared and blew the engine fairly quickly!
  4. If I could bottle a scent and wear it…cotton wood trees after a good rain.
  5. My husband Alex and my son Jude make me smile every day. I’m so grateful
  6. I love growing my own food.
  7. I’m the happiest on a river in the sun surrounded by wilderness…or on a dance floor.
  8. David Sedaris is my hero…he makes me laugh so hard it hurts and I love him for it.
  9. Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album make me cry every time
  10. I love the feeling I get when I sneeze…it’s so gratifying.