Fun Facts
  1. Zodiac Sign: Libra
  2. Favorite Color: Red
  3. First Car: Convertible Volkswagen Bug (with a fern growing out of the backseat)
  4. My guilty pleasure: hunting for treasures at yard sales
  5. My parents are two of the greatest people I’ve ever met
  6. I’m terrified of heights…but I love aerial silks
  7. The perfect weekend consists of great food, coffee, wine and playing cards on the deck
  8. My Grandma taught me how to play poker with pennies at age 5
  9. Started cutting my family’s hair at the age of 12 (sorry about that bowl cut, little brother)
  10. I love being barefoot


Fun Facts
  1. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  2. Favorite Color: I love them all!
  3. First Car: Geo Storm
  4. I am fascinated by people and enjoy watching them
  5. I can spend hours rummaging through vintage stores
  6. I’m constantly singing and very passionate about music
  7. Growing up I wanted to be a hairstylist, a mechanic or a lawyer
  8. I enjoy classic movies and the swagger of the older era’s
  9. I love to daydream…
  10. I have a roaring laugh


Fun Facts
  1. Zodiac Sign: Leo
  2. Favorite Color: Greens & Blues
  3. First Car: An old Mazda, I was ill prepared and blew the engine fairly quickly!
  4. If I could bottle a scent and wear it…cotton wood trees after a good rain.
  5. My husband Alex and my son Jude make me smile every day. I’m so grateful
  6. I love growing my own food.
  7. I’m the happiest on a river in the sun surrounded by wilderness…or on a dance floor.
  8. David Sedaris is my hero…he makes me laugh so hard it hurts and I love him for it.
  9. Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album make me cry every time
  10. I love the feeling I get when I sneeze…it’s so gratifying.


Fun Facts
  1. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  2. Favorite Color: Green
  3. First Car: Was a wagoneer with the wood paneling peeling off the side and the entire interior was orange….even the dash!
  4. I grew up in Arizona.
  5. I love vintage everything and could thrift shop all day long.
  6. I’m a Syfy nerd.
  7. I will never be too old to play dress up.
  8. My favorite rainy day pastime is to do crafts…and drink wine.
  9. I took flying trapeze classes for 8 months before moving to Portland.
  10. I loooooove musicals.