Trina is a hair wizard”

I came in with jet-black, all one length Morticia Adams hair and she transformed me from sullen metal head to someone who actually looks like an adult without being a total square.  I was very worried about this, having not changed my hair in many years. I can't describe how awesome I looked and felt after this.

— Julia M. 

Maggie is a breath of fresh air!"

Going to Red Magnolia is such a wonderful experience. The energy is beautiful and soothing-like going to a good friends home. I had had my absolute fill of uber-modern, trendy, loud, bustling salons with too-cool stylists who never really seemed to listen. Maggie is a breath of fresh air! She really heard what I wanted/needed and proceeded to give me an absolutely beautiful haircut. 

— Evelyn S.

Rebecca is a total pro with great style.”

I was a bit brow shy after having some horrific experiences. Until, I met Rebecca and hallelujah! Red Magnolia is a super charming salon.  Rebecca's space is small, tidy and has an overall great vibe much like her.  She's a total pro with great style. Which certainly helped in deciding whether to let her touch my brows. She listened to what I wanted and voila! magic. My brows are perfect. Next up a facial. Thanks Rebecca!

— Adrianna V.